You Bring the Meat, We'll Add the Spices

Look into our meat processing options in Le Raysville, PA

Whether you raise livestock or hunt game, you'll need a reliable processor to turn your meat into delicious sausages, bacon and steaks. LeRaysville Meat and Cheese offers custom meat processing in Le Raysville, PA.

Our owner is a second-generation butcher who uses family recipes rather than prepackaged seasoning for every job. You can bring in beef, pork or venison and tell us what you want. We'll handle the rest. Tell us about your meat processing needs now. You can call us at 570-744-2221.

Custom options for every customer

Are you preparing for a big steak dinner? Once you've purchased your beef, you can bring it to us. We can custom cut whole, half or a quarter of your cow. Maybe you have a whole or half pig. Our meat processing techniques allow us to turn your pig into breakfast sausage, bacon or ham. You can even bring ham and bacon in to be smoked.

If you crave savory flavors, our custom meat processing services are right for you. Meet with a processor in Le Raysville, PA today.

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