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Browse local honeys and other small-batch items in Le Raysville, PA

Local food can bring people together. That's why LeRaysville Meat and Cheese focuses on providing locally made, small-batch items at our shop in Le Raysville, PA. You can support your community by picking up anything from local honey to aged artisan cheeses. Your pantry will be stocked with delicious treats and ingredients that elevate every meal.

Wondering if we have a specific product? Ask us now by calling 570-744-2221.

Locally made by our talented neighbors

You can pick up mass-produced items at any grocery store or gas station. If you're looking for unique products made by locals, you should visit LeRaysville Meat and Cheese. Our shop is the perfect place to find:

Local honeys that can ward off allergies
Specialty candy for your little ones
Small batch ketchups that upgrade your meals
Artisan cheeses for crafting snack boards

Whether you want a bag of specialty candy or locally made condiments, shop at our Le Raysville, PA store today.

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