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Whether you raise livestock or hunt deer, you’ll need a reliable processor to turn your meat into delicious sausages, bacon and steaks. LeRaysville Meat and Cheese offers custom meat processing in Le Raysville, PA.

Our owner is a second-generation butcher who uses family recipes rather than prepackaged seasoning for every job. You can bring in beef, pork or venison and tell us what you want. We’ll handle the rest. Tell us about your meat processing needs now.

You can call us at 570-744-2221.

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Meat & Cheese

Artisan Cheeses & More

Every gourmand knows that the finest cheeses can’t be found on the grocery store shelves. If you’re looking for the perfect complement to your charcuterie selection or the ideal pairing for a fine bottle of wine, you should shop at LeRaysville Meat and Cheese. We offer a wide selection of artisan cheeses at our Le Raysville, PA location.

Made in small batches, we stock over 20 varieties of high-end cheeses. You’re sure to find the ideal product for your dinner party or relaxing night at home. Our artisan cheese company has it all.

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Straight From the Farm

Backed by Generations of Customer Service

Our specialty cheese shop and meat processing plant has been a community staple for over 40 years. We’re family-owned and -operated, meaning every employee at our shop is a member of the family. You’ll feel comfortable and welcome as soon as you walk through our doors. That’s because our staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Plan a visit to our shop in Le Raysville, PA today. We’re always happy to see new faces.

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