Stock Your Kitchen With Local Favorites

You'll find it all at our specialty cheese shop in Le Raysville, PA

Fine food can elevate any occasion. Whether you're entertaining or simply treating yourself on a quiet night at home, you'll find delicious foods at LeRaysville Meat and Cheese. Our specialty cheese shop doubles as a meat processing plant in Le Raysville, PA.

You can bring your livestock or game to us, and we'll process it to your specifications. We only use family spice recipes and top-of-the-line techniques. You'll leave with delicious smoked or cut meats and even a side of cheese or local honey.

All of our products are locally made in small batches. You'll get to enjoy unique products while supporting your neighbors. Everyone wins. Plus, LeRaysville Meat and Cheese is the only local shop selling artisan cheeses in the area. If you're interested in learning more about us, call 570-744-2221 now. We're always happy to answer questions and talk about our products.

Backed by generations of great customer service

Our specialty cheese shop and meat processing plant has been a community staple for over 40 years. We're family-owned and -operated, meaning every employee at our shop is a member of the family. You'll feel comfortable and welcome as soon as you walk through our doors. That's because our staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Plan a visit to our shop in Le Raysville, PA today. We're always happy to see new faces.